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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Old Navy Layette
I’ve always loved Old Navy clothes for myself, but lately they’ve branched into layette and have you seen the cute things they have for little ones? Great colors (brown, pink, orange and blue – so "of the moment") and fun little motifs (like super cute monkeys) and sayings on their super soft onesies, hats and shorts ("Hand me Over", "WAHHHH", and "Keep Dry")
It’s nice to find inexpensive things that are stylish and clever – which are not easy when looking at baby boy clothes… Old Navy rises to the occasion again.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Swarovski for your little one - Bling Baby!

I wanted to share with you a really fun, hip site that will let your little one show off some bling. Bling Baby has some really cool stuff that will deck your little one out in style. Their new Wipes Containers are sure to get a second look from your friends and strangers when you are out and about to change a diaper. All the bling you can handle for under $40 - check them out today!

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hooter Hiders/Bebeaulait
I’m a really clumsy nurser. While there may be moms that are really coordinated and never seem to leave themselves exposed in any way as they nurse their newborns – I am not that woman. Inevitably, I expose something, drop something, nearly suffocate my son, or fail to find a burp cloth in time and wind up the victim of all sorts of folly.
Until I found Hooter Hiders – also known as Bebeaulait – These are fashionable, discreet, comfortable and portable nursing covers that are small enough to cram into the side pocket of my packed diaper bag. I have now successfully and discreetly nursed my kids on airplanes, in restaurants, and even (gasp!) church – without people knowing what I was doing. One person sitting next to me on a plane even thanked me for using my "wonderful tent". I like them because with the way it’s made, there is a soft form at the top that makes it so I can still see my baby as he’s nursing, but no one else can. And in the event of spitup, there is even a little corner of terrycloth to clean up with.
Not everyone likes to see breastfeeding in public – but it still needs to happen when you are out and about… these are the perfect solution

check out to see their great collection online.