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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Appaman is Here

I am so excited that the Spring collection for Appaman is here. I’m a huge fan of their vivid colored tees with those cool and retro prints. My son’s wardrobe consists of more than one Appaman tee much to my delight! I love this Appaman Charger T-shirt in Powder Blue. Appaman is now expanding their collection to include our little girls. They are offering adorable tees and skirts.

To see the spring collection of Appaman clothing visit online boutique Black Wagon.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Keep your toddler clean in style!

We just got an alert from MonkeeMoos about an Ollie Wally bib sale to 'keep your toddler clean in style!'. Save 10% off these super cute Ollie Wally bibs from MonkeeMoos today. For just under $10, you can't go wrong! They have a ton of cute patterns and they really give you some nice alternatives to the 'cheesy' stuff out there in the stores!