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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Crawl in Comfort

We have hardwood and tile floors in the house. I’m a bit concerned when my newborn son starts crawling if the hardness of the floors will deter him from trying. Now I don’t have to worry anymore. I’m going to pick up a pair of Crawling Knee Pads from Snazzy Baby. These pads are specifically designed to safeguard your baby’s knees while they are learning to crawl or walk. The non-slip embossed grips give the little one the needed traction to move. The pads are a one size fits all and machine washable.

Visit Mamas and Munchkins to pick up a pair in four different colors.

Monday, April 10, 2006

For Inquisitive Parents

Tonight is the night for us parents and our pressing questions about our children. The TLC network is premiering two shows, Shalom at Home and Honey We’re Killing Our Kids.

In Shalom at Home, family and relationship counselor Rabbi Shmuley Boteach helps families defeat their most complicated tribulations. With each family, Rabbi Shmuley puts one family on a 10-day passage, using a collection of exercises and technology. The rabbi’s philosophy is that there are no bad children, just inadequate parenting.

With Honey We’re Killing the Kids, expert nutritionist and author Dr. Lisa Hark uses computers to visually change children into their middle-aged bodies, based on their current diet and exercise habits. The outcome is not that bright. Dr. Hark offers up healthy lifestyles that’ll help kids (and parents) get on the right path to maintain a healthy way of life into adulthood.

Watch TLC tonight. Honey We’re Killing the Kids! premieres tonight, April 10, 9/8c; Shalom in the Home premieres tonight, April 10, 10/9c.

Bunny Baskets

Celebrate this Easter holiday with this adorable Bunny Basics Easter Mini-Basket from Mahar Drygoods. Available for a limited time only, this mini-basket contains handmade plush carrots and a faux chocolate bunny container, perfect for holding little candies. These items are stored in a vintage 1930’s green plaid container, originally intended for dairy products.

Visit Mahar Drygoods to pick one up today for your special little one. Also don’t forget to check out their collection of play food sets.