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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Shhh ... Baby is Asleep

I adore these doorknob signs made by Tree by Kerri Lee. The signs were recently featured in Child magazine. The signs are a two-sided embroidered piece that you hang on your little one’s door. On one side it says Awake with the animal’s eyes open, the other side says Asleep and the eyes are closed. The loop fits on any size door handle and the swivel allows for easy flip flopping. This would be a great addition in my house as we’ve been having a lot of visitors, and they need to be reminded when my baby is sleeping.

Visit Tree by Kerri Lee to view the rest of their delightful collection.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Have a Seat

I’ve heard mixed reviews on the other seat for infants ... hopefully you know the one I'm referring to. If so here’s another choice for those of us that are looking for alternatives. Introducing the BebePOD … an infant chair designed to conform to a baby’s stance once babies have head control. This infant chair allows you to interact with your child and help build up their trunk control. Simple yet functional there are no straps as the design was created so that your baby’s own weight keeps him securely in place. In addition I believe this chair is less expensive than its competitor.

You can find this infant chair at Target in various colors. Order one now and you’ll get free shipping.