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Saturday, October 15, 2005

TBC: Belly Tip of The Week

Pregnancy is a great time to start a journal, use it to keep track of your feelings and the rapid changes going on with your body. Its great to look back and read because believe it or not you do forget what it was like to be pregnant.

**Any information we give is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure. As always seek the advice of your physician**

Friday, October 14, 2005

Try Gripewater for your colicky baby

When I had my son last year, the first few weeks all he did was sleep..Then around 5 weeks he awoke! He had a ton of gas and mylicon just didn't work. I remember thinking "god how much of this stuff can I give him?"

My sister told me about Gripewater, she said I should be able to find it at a pharmacy or healthfood store. Low and behold after calling a few places I found it at a health food store.

Gripewater is made by BabysBliss. It contains the natural herbs Ginger and Fennel, which have been shown to be beneficial for easing nausea and pain due to gas and colic symptoms in babies. It is pediatrician recommended and best of all it really REALLY works! Visit to find out more.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

What do you think of the DaddyBelt?

The DaddyBelt was invented by two dads who felt that there were very few products created just for dads...and they happen to be right! So they set out to develop an entire line of daddy products beginning with the DaddyBelt.

As these guys say..."You won’t find a whole lot of flowers or purses here, but if you are a dad, or know one, we think you’ll like what you see"
Visit them today

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Get a Free Tote Bag!

Are you looking for hip, fun clothes that are bound to get you noticed? Well look no further, check out Sugar Tush...Created by two very stylish moms with a background in fashion. These gals no what its all about. They know new moms want to look stylish while feeling comfortable. That is extremely important...Especially when some days we barely have time to look in the mirror.

Visit and receive a FREE tote bag a checkout! Wow...A $40 value. Just enter the code BELLY to get yours!

P.S. Don't you love the name Sugar Tush? It really stays with you!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Must Have Slipper Socks!

Ok if you are packing your hospital bag, or looking for a gift for a mom-to-be these socks by Karen Neuburger are a must have! My Mom got these for me almost 3 years ago before I had my middle daughter. I still wear them all the time around the house! They are so cozy its unbelievable. They sell for $15 per pair and can be found at